EMP 800

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Electronic coin selector EMP 800 v6

The industry standard 3,5" electronic coin selector

The EMP 800 coin selectors will guarantee an optimal coin handling solution for indoor or outdoor operated machines. Specifying or omitting certain options allows customers to obtain coin selectors entirely suited to their particular application
New generation of coin selector with super fast micro processor
A coin selector offering an individual and flexible solution for the customer and at the same time the advantages of standardised series production
Remote programming optional
Datafiles for more than 95 currencies
10 different interfaces available including USB interface for direct connection to PC

Reliability and Security

Specific feature for the recognition of bi-colour coins
Innovative measuring system for high protection against manipulations
Advanced mechanical design
Easy Handling / Programming
Individual coin blocking and currency blocking via dip-switch
Teach mode function: on site programming without any additional equipment
Flash technology (for firmware updates)
Cloning and update function with WindowsTM Software wheasy 4
Remote programming optional
Standard version (basic features)
Acceptance: 32 active channels for up to 16 different coins or tokens
Temperature range: +10°C to +70°C
Dimensions: 104 h x 53 w x 93,5 d mm (without front plate)
Supply voltage: 10 to 26 volts DC
Options include
Battery operation
Extended temperature and humidity range: -20°C to +70°C, humidity classification E/D
Inventory impulse
External individual coin blocking
Control for external sorting flaps
EMP 8x0.00 v6, 6 parallel outputs
EMP 8x0.04 v6, binary coded outputs
with stepper interface
EMP 8x0.01 v6, 2-price Stepper
EMP 8x0.02 v6, Video-Stepper
EMP 8x0.05 v6, 1-price Stepper for Kiddie Rides
EMP 8x0.06 v6, 1-price-Stepper
with price and time setting
EMP 8x0.07 v6, coin selector with timer function
EMP 8x0.13 v6, MdB-, ccTalk-protocol
EMP 8x0.14 v6, USB-interface

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EMP 800
EMP 800