SR3 Coin Acceptor

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SR3 Coin Acceptor

• High-resolution series resonance coin discrimination
• Factory-quality coinless programming
• ccTalk serial or parallel interface
• True 12-coin acceptance
• Customisable bank configuration (CBC) - any permutation via ccTalk serial
• Two banks of six coin windows via parallel
• Teach and Run on all windows
• Suite of programming tools (PC-based ccProgrammer, ccTeach or ccEuroTeach)
• Individual coin inhibit


• 12-coin binary parallel or simple parallel interface
• MechTool for reconfiguration in situ
• Totaliser
• Choice of accept/reject paths via standard body, reverse body or front plate versions
• Range of front plates, rundowns and bezels
• Range of mounting options
• Sorter driver
• Range of Money Controls sorters available.

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SR3 Coin Acceptor
SR3 Coin Acceptor