Bundle-Feeder RS 893

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Bundle-Feeder RS 893

Automatic scanning of single documents and bundles
Basically the bundle feeder RS 893 has the same specifications as the RS 891. But in addition it features an automatic document feeder. This enables to process not only single documents but also batches of up to 50 checks.
• Feed-in tray for bundles of up to 50 checks
• Document sensor in front of shutter
• Shutter
• Mechanical document alignment
• Document transport control through
o Position sensor
o Double feed sensor
o Metal detection
• Front & rear side camera
• MICR reader
• Endorser
• Electronic de-skew
• USB 2.0 electrical interface
• Paper path fully accessible
• Stamp
• Stacker unit RA 894 for up to 1000 or up to 2000 documents
• Reject pocket RR 895 for controlled return of rejected documents

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Bundle-Feeder RS 893
Bundle-Feeder RS 893