Puloon LCDM-1000/2000/4000

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Puloon LCDM-1000/2000/4000

Outline LCDM series are the cash-dispensing modules that can be applied to ATM and notes exchanger for retail market.
It enables to dispense the exact number of banknotes from the cash cassette by serial communication.

Feature 1) Extendable up to four cassettes (1, 2, and 4 Denomination Available)
2) To use friction method on pick-up and separation
3) To detect doubled notes by mechanical devices
4) To have open structure for better maintenance
5) To realize extraordinary compact and slim size

Model LCDM-1000/2000/4000
General Specification Denomination 1/2/4

(unit : mm) LCDM-1000 : 266.7(W) x 310.2(D) x 225(H)
LCDM-2000 : 266.7(W) x 310.2(D) x 360(H)
LCDM-4000 : 266.7(W) x 310.2(D) x 618(H)
Speed 3.5 notes/sec (based on USD)
Reject Tray Capacity App. 10~30 notes
Net Weight 9 kg / 14kg / 24 kg
Access Type Front Access
Interface RS232C
Voltage DC 24V (±10%)
Current 3A / 4A / 5A
Operation Temp. 5?~ 40?br /> Relative Humidity 20% ~ 80%(RH)
Certification CE
Cassette Dimension (unit : mm) 191(W) x 161(D) x 93(H)
Net Weight 1.8kg
Note Size Width 62 ~ 78mm
Length 100 ~ 162mm
Thickness 0.06 ~ 0.16mm
Capacity 123 mm ( App. 1,000 new notes )
Pick-up Friction Roller
Near-end About 10~30 notes

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Puloon LCDM-1000/2000/4000
Puloon LCDM-1000/2000/4000Puloon LCDM-1000/2000/4000Puloon LCDM-1000/2000/4000