SDD Single Denomination Dispenser

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SDD Single Denomination Dispenser

The Single Denomination Dispenser SDD is an ultra compact, secure, cash dispensing mechanism, available in four variants – front or rear service and standard and short builds. The short variant is one of the smallest secure dispensing mechanisms in the world. The SDD offers a market leading combination of high performance, compact size and low cost of ownership.
No planned maintenance is necessary, other than occasional cleaning which means that your machine is available for longer.
The SDD is available in four versions:
• front service short capacity
• front service standard capacity
• rear service short capacity
• rear service standard capacity
Central to the MiniMech is IDD™ Intelligent Double Detection which is unique to Talaris:
• Intelligent Double Detection (IDD) – delivering accurate and consistent detection of doubles even when notes are severely degraded

SDD Single Denomination Dispenser
SDD Single Denomination Dispenser