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Money Controls Elite

The Ardac Elite is without doubt one of the most advanced products we produce at Money Controls. It has established an excellent reputation, particularly in the demanding environment of casino gaming, where any breakdown or poor acceptance rates can be very costly.

The Ardac Elite has state of the art imaging technology to ensure the highest standards of validation. At the same time, it has very high acceptance rates, and will accept ‘street money’ in virtually any state, and inserted at virtually any angle! Ardac Elite is compatible with around 95% of all gaming machines. It is innovative, and yet very easy to use.

Among the innovations you will find on the Ardac Elite is the unique ‘last bill’ technology. If there are any disputes about the last bill entered, simply plug in a PDA via the USB port, and you can check the last ten bills entered. Furthermore, Ardac Elite is the ideal bill acceptor for server-based gaming.


• Highest first-time acceptance of new and street-grade bills
• Highest detection of forged bills
• Single unit for global currencies
• Wide 85mm opening
- accepts skewed insertion
- accepts industry-standard barcode tickets
• Easy to maintain, modular design
• Choice of bezels, looms and protocols
• USB connectivity for rapid download of software and bill sets
• Simple diagnostics
- via LED status indication system
- via comprehensive support tools
• Optional four-way barcode reading

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Money Controls Elite
Money Controls Elite