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A triple side kiosk is able to confirm a traveler's identity by prompting him or her to input a confirmation number and insert the credit card used to purchase tickets. The kiosk has access to an airline's information database, and is able to immediately access profiles and payment information. If the terminal is unable to confirm a purchase or a customer does not have his or her credit card handy, the screen usually directs the traveler to a manned ticked counter so that he or she can speak with a customer service agent.

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Basic Configuration:
Rugged Steel Enclosure (Baked On, Powder Coat Paint, Your choice of colors)
Optional device for enclosure: Heating and Cooling System (optional),Opening Door &Shaking Alarm System, Weather Seal, Brochure Holder, Light Box Kit for Overhead Signage and Shelf.
Dual Amplified Speakers and Ventilation Fans
15"/17"/19"/ 22" or above LCD Monitor (260 cd/m2 or above)
15"/17"/19"/ 22" or above SAW/IR Touch Screen (Privacy film is optional)
Industrial/PC Host (Intel Pentium Dual-Core E5200 2.5GHz or above, DDR 800 1GB RAM or above, 250GB SATA HD or above) with Industrial Power Supply (Optional for Watt)
Optional device for PC: CD/ DVD ROM(R/W), COM Card, Flash Card, USB Hub
Additional Peripherals are available on request

Optional peripherals:
High Brightness LCD Monitor (more than 1000 cd/m2);
15"/17"/19"/ 22" or above Optional Dual screen (with 6mm Thickness Tempered Glass)
Rugged Metal Keyboard (Optional Trackball)/ Encrypted PIN Pad
Wireless Keyboard with Mouse/Modems
60mm, 80mm, 112m or 216mm Thermal Printer; A4 Laser Printer, Ticket/ Card/ Photo Printer
Swipe/ Motorized/ Dip/ RFID/ Flash Card Reader; MICR Reader, Card Dispenser
1D / 2D Barcode Scanner, Passport/ Fingerprint/ Driving License Scanner
Cash Acceptor (Single Note Feeder); Coin Acceptor; Check Acceptor
Coin Dispenser/ Coin Change Giver
Webcam/Security Camera; Handset; Bluetooth; Signature Pad;
GPRS/ Wireless; Proximity Sensor
Power Supply; UPS (Optional for VA)

Window XP SP3/WIN 7 available, all hardware drivers available.
Height: 1920mm (Subject to Change)
Width: 630mm (Subject to Change)
Depth: 650mm (Subject to Change)

Bubble-wrap, Carton, Wood (Plywood) Crate
Applications (For reference):
Billing Kiosk
Payment Kiosk
Marketing Kiosk
Check In Kiosk
Music Download Kiosk
Custom Kiosks
Multimedia Kiosk
Directory Way Finder Kiosk
On-Line Banking Kiosk
Employee Self-Service Kiosk
Order Entry Kiosk
Gaming Kiosk
Bespoken Kiosk
Gift Registry Kiosk
Prepaid Kiosk
HR Kiosk
Redemption Kiosk
Identification Verification Kiosk
Retail Kiosk
Information Kiosk
Security Kiosk
Interactive Kiosk
Self-Service Kiosk
Internet Kiosk
Ticketing Kiosk
Internet Pay For Use Kiosk
Tourism Kiosk
Trade Show Kiosk

Substantial discounts are available for quantity orders and prices are subject to change.