Factory & Technical Support

Factory Support

KIOSTECH is fully staffed with in-house, seasoned professionals who can quickly answer questions and troubleshoot issues with best solutions. Most of all incoming issues can be resolved via phone.

With just the serial number from the backside of the machine, the KIOSKTECH team has the detailed records of every component of the kiosks. With ample information and experience, they are able to intelligently approach hardware diagnostics and facilitate replacement parts at an earliest time.

Factory Customer Service is available to all customers from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm, Monday through Saturday; KOSTECH can readily provide 24-7 support access and guaranteed response time service options for mission critical applications.

Please Contact KIOSTECH for a complimentary service consultation.

Technical Support

KIOSKTECH offers comprehensive technical support via telephone or email. Please contact us with any concerns, comments or issues at +86 755 29171593 or by email at and our standard office hours are 24-7.