Transport Kiosks

Transport Kiosks for Middle East

KOS6305C                                   KOS6951

Transport kiosks offer a host of passenger transport information including journey planning, timetables and maps. They have now been upgraded to display tourism information supplied through the Enjoy!

The kiosk can help the kiosk users to select attractions that might appeal to them. The users are asked a series of question, such as – Do you have Children, how old are the children, do you want venues of educational interest, animal interest, do you enjoy active days out, and so on. From the kiosk user responses, the kiosk selects day trips, venues and events that would suit their criteria and displays this information on the screen. When users have found day trips that maybe of interest to them, they can print off the necessary information of how to get there. This can be in the form of a map or a complete route from where the kiosk is to the tourist attraction.

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