CUSTOM's VKP80 II - ATM and Kiosk Printer

Published on 2014-11-11 03:43:42 by CUSTOM. from: www.koskiosk.com Views: 11
Last generations kiosk receipt printer
Paper width from 56 to 82.5mm, adjustable by the user
Paper thickness 60/120 gr/m2
200 dpi printing resolution
Very fast: up to 220mm/sec
High reliability (cutter life: 1.500.000 cuts; head life: 100Km)
“Ejecting” and “retracting” ticket functions
Illuminated paper bezel
High power motor feeder for huge paper roll (up to 300mm ?)
Multi-position paper roll
Serial RS232 + USB and Ethernet interface
24Vdc power supply
Total remote management and control by internal web server and email service
Cripto security protocol
Full Status Monitor
Veriprint printing head with integrated scanner unit
Fiscal version with electronic journal on MMC
Special options: shutter to prevent intrusion and triple feed