NCR Corp Interactive Services stakes claim in Utah

Published on 2014-10-29 03:20:04 by KIOSTECH. from: www.kosdisplay.com Views: 13

NCR Corporation has announced the move of its Utah-based 50-person team to a new office in Draper, Utah.


The former Sandy-based transaction technology provider's Utah team is responsible for NCR Interactive Services, which includes the NCR Interactive Teller, a remotely managed ATM with two-way access via audio and video to a virtual teller.


"NCR is an influential company in many industries, and it is exciting to see that they are transforming the future of branch banking through people working in Utah," said Val Hale, executive director of the Utah Governor's Office of Economic Development in a company announcement. "The pioneering spirit continues to grow in Utah and is driving new experiences in the banking industry. We want to congratulate NCR and the team in Draper for their success and innovation."


NCR's Interactive Services allow bank services to expand to different locations and times of day through server-based software solutions designed to offer self-service transactions, with teller help via remote assistance.


"Since joining NCR, our team has been able to take our vision for the future of branch banking to financial institutions around the world. Thanks to the drive and innovation of our team in Utah and our colleagues around the world, we are changing the way people bank and the way they think about their bank branch," said Jed Taylor, general manager, NCR Interactive Services. "We're excited to continue and expand on this work in our new offices in Draper."