Sydney McDonald's tests customizable ordering kiosk

Published on 2014-10-21 03:59:06 by koskiosk. from: www.koskiosk.com Views: 16

A Sydney McDonald's has piloted a touchscreen kiosk for guests to customize orders.

The company first brought customizable ordering to California and Illinois in 2013. The western Sydney town of Castle Hill decided on a kiosk for the "Create Your Taste" program, which offers customizable burgers starting at AU $8.95 (US $7.80) and Create Your Taste Value Meals with fries and a drink.

Options include brioche, crusty bun, bunless, extra patties, extra cheese and an expanded list of toppings such as a bacon, egg, tortilla strips and grilled mushrooms. New additions include chipotle mayo and tomato relish. To complete the order, guests select a seat from the kiosk screen where staff will deliver their order.

The strategy is the company's response to increased technology and the popularity of customizable ordering, the article said.

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