Michigan bank kiosk to foster member relationships

Published on 2014-10-21 03:53:53 by koskiosk. from: www.koskiosk.com Views: 16

Community Choice Credit Union is restructuring branches to end customer waiting times, the company said.


"The way our members do their banking has fundamentally changed," said Philip Cooper, EVP-COO of Community Choice Credit Union, in an announcement. "People aren't going to their credit union to deposit a check or make a transaction — that’s all done online or on a smartphone app. Instead, they're coming to us for personal financial advice. Our member centers promote this type of relationship-focused environment."


The Michigan-based branches will feature an open concept design, doing away with counters and windows separating staff from customers. The addition of a self-service kiosk will allow members to choose whether they interact with the bank digitally or face-to-face. The changes are part of a larger effort to make the branches conducive to relationship building by helping members feel comfortable doing business.