UK vending machines get mobile payments, connectivity

Published on 2012-06-18 07:34:50 by koskiosk. from: www.koskiosk.com Views: 26

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Nokia Siemens Networks and U.K. wireless carrier Everything Everywhere have partnered to introduce mobile payments to vending machines. The international partnership means vending machines will be linked to Nokia Siemens Networks’ VendMe application and installed with Everything Everywhere SIM cards, connecting them to Everything Everywhere's network as well as that of France Telecom and Deutsche Telekom’s international footprint.

With the new connectivity vending machine owners will have the ability to monitor their machines, and will be able to have the machines send targeted messages to people in the vicinity of the machines. They'll even be able to interact with customers through their social networks of choice,info kiosks.

What's more, customers with NFC-enabled smartphones will also be able to make a purchase at supported vending machines using the Orange Quick Tap mobile payment program from Everything Everywhere or Reverse SMS messaging.

"Vending kiosk is just one of many areas where we are offering innovative services outside the traditional telecoms remit," said Marc Overton, vice president Wholesale and M2M at Everything Everywhere. "There is great potential for M2M technologies to provide companies operating internationally in all sectors with instant access to data, making businesses run better and improving the customer experience."

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