Kiosk helps retailers create link between stores, social media (video)

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Kiosk helps retailers create link between stores, social media (video)

A new system based on RFID technology is helping retailers link their physical stores to their online social media channels.

With the LifeSynk system retailers give RFID smartcards to their customers, who swipe them at a kiosk reader in the store to receive discounts and automatically share their activity via social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter, according to a company press release.

How it works for the customer

Users may view their own admin consoles to control permissions such as allowing wall posts, but more importantly, they can view all the branded promotions that are available, thus allowing brands an effective platform to promote their campaigns.

How it works for a brand or retailer

The LifeSynk system is comprised of an RFID reader, small CPU computer, sound board, Wi-Fi connectivity and LED lights. Its only requirements are Wi-Fi connection and a power point.

A dashboard of features enables brands to set up campaigns and actions that occur when cards are swiped. They can customize the specific news feeds that appear on their customer's profile pages, and customers' activities are tracked.

A number of functions can be assigned to each kiosk allowing the brand to control what occurs when a user swipes. The LifeSynk kiosks are shipped with the Wi-Fi key programmed into the board, and start operating as soon as they are switched on. The server is automatically updated if newer versions of the software are found, according to the release.

The brand has access to rich analytics showing locations, who swiped what, how many times and demographics. It also calculates how many people were shared to and the click rate, ultimately allowing businesses to track the number of customers drawn to the venue via the sharing and word-of-mouth of their friends.

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